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Learning Insights

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Learning Insights is fully compliant with the ICO's requirements for Data Protection, please ask if you have any questions.

Fees are based on an hourly rate and are competitive with other psychologists offering consultations, assessments and guidance.

Services to parents and adults are strictly confidential. Contact with schools and other sources of information are made only with the expressed wishes of parents. Any forms requiring completion are passed through the parents. Reports written on any child are only made available to parents who it is hoped will provide the school with a copy. Copies of reports are not made available to anyone else except with parents' written permission. 

Full Assessments take up to five hours with an adult, with additional time for discussion. A detailed history is obtained and several addtional questionnaires are used for the individual, college, or for an organisation manager, supervisor or colleague to complete; all of which are first provided to the individual to ensure the process is transparent. A written report is made available only to the adult who is assessed. Further copies are only made available with written permission from the adult concerned.

For a child the assessment face-to-face may take two to two and a half hours. Further time is made available to the parents for discussion. A detailed family history is obtained and a form for schools to complete is also provided. The assessment content and time varies depending upon the age and ability of the child and the nature of questions parents seek answers for.

A detailed written report is provided. Where requested, we liaise with schools and other professionals related to the child's needs, refer the child to other educational, medical or professional specialist, and indicate where resources and other facilities can be obtained.

These assessments take approximately half the time of the full assessments and in fact constitute the activities of the latter half of a full assessment. The screening assessment can be used in one of two ways. If parents are in doubt about whether their child has any difficulties, then the screening assessment can be used as a preliminary analysis. Or alternately, if a child has been previously assessed and requires documentation of their specific learning difficulties (see below) to present to examination boards, then this screening identifies their level of educational attainment, which needs to be assessed at the time the documentation is required. A discussion with the parents is included, and either a brief written report or documentation is provided for the parents to submit to the school's examining board. 

Adults requiring educational screening for college, university or simply to evaluate their present level of ability follow the same protocol as described above. Written documentation for examination boards is provided in addition to the report. Full re-assessment is required by the examination boards for the provision of examination documentation if more than two years has lapsed between the current and any previous assessment(s).

If a description of the child or adult's learning potential is required the ability screening assessment will provide an I.Q. and an indication of the child or adult's intellectual profile. This assessment also takes approximately half the time of the full assessment and constitutes the activities of the first half of that assessment. A discussion with the parents or assessed adult and a brief report is included.

If it is identified through screening that further assessment is required, then the screening assessment fee is deducted from the full assessment fee.


A full assessment is required if a child or adult has not previously been assessed, and either the individual, school or parents believe the child or adult has learning difficulties that would warrant their having documentation of their Specific Learning Difficulties to submit to their examination board. Such documentation requests the board take account of the individuals learning difficulties, and depending upon the nature of the difficulties, extra time can be requested for them in the exam.

If an individual has already been diagnosed as having specific learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia dyscalculia, Non Verbal Learning Difficulties NVLD) then only the educational screening assessment is required. Such documentation can be submitted to colleges, universities and institutions of higher education.

These assessments involve some structured and some unstructured activities over a full morning, and are of value where other factors than learning difficulties may be the source of distress for the child, behavioural problems or a general failure to thrive or achieve. They require building strong and effective rapport with the child and may take more than one consultation, depending upon the reason for the referral. A written report and discussion is provided.

This involves evaluation of the documentation related to the tribunal. Discussion with the client, solicitor and any other professionals involved and physical representation at the tribunal if requested.

These are usually made available on an hourly basis to provide an opportunity for adults and parents to discuss and explore issues. Additional consultations following assessments of an individual are available and are pro rated at an hourly rate. These can be either by phone or by appointment at our consultation rooms.

TERMS: Fees are payable PRIOR TO ANY report delivery unless otherwise negotiated. Consultation fees will be payable to Dr Sharon Lloyd and an administration fee to Learning Insights Administration to the total of the fee schedule as agreed. If an appointment is cancelled or missed, Dr Lloyd reserves the right to charge the administration fee. If a cancelled appointment is rebooked, Dr Lloyd reserves the right to charge the full assessment fee in advance.

Late payment of invoices:
We reserve the right to claim additional interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 at any time. If payment is not received within 30 days of invoice interest may be charged at the annual rate of 4% above the base rate of Barclays Bank plc from time to time, accruing on a daily basis until payment is made whether before or after any judgment.

Medical insurance companies have accepted claims for fees when a medical consultant has made a referral to a psychologist, but not all do so.

Please check with your insurance company. 


Consent Form

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In relation to an assessment and subsequent report for:

Name of Person Being Assessed: _____________________________________________

Date of Birth: _________________________________

Name of parent / Guardian (where applicable): ___________________________________

Please tick in each box:

I hereby give consent for Learning Insights Ltd (Dr. Sharon Lloyd) to gather relevant details in readiness for the evaluation/report.

In addition, I consent to Dr. Sharon Lloyd conducting the evaluation and writing up the findings in a report. I am happy for this report to be sent, hard copy, through the post.

I consent to Learning Insights Ltd storing the personal data provided and gained during the evaluation. The Data Controller is Dr. Sharon Lloyd.

I give permission for Dr. Sharon Lloyd to use handwriting samples or findings from the normed tests, anonymously, in talks and educational writings.


The Data Privacy Policy gives more specific details and this policy has been shared with me.


Signed:                                                                                   Date:

Please print name:


Data Privacy Policy

Document Author: Dr. Sharon Lloyd (Company Director and Data Controller)


Email Contact Details: learninginsights.co@gmail.com

Company Name: Learning Insights Limited

Document Saved: 12th May 2018


As part of complying with GDPR, Learning Insights Ltd has a Data Privacy Policy. This aims to be as clear as possible about how and why ‘we’ (meaning ‘I’ as Director and ‘Data Controller’) use information about ‘you’ (this could be read as ‘your child’ where applicable) so that you can be confident that your privacy is protected.

The policy describes the information that Learning Insights Ltd collects when you use our services. This information includes personal information as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016 [and the subsequent UK Data Protection Bill that is expected to be enacted in 2018].

The policy describes how we manage your information when you use our services, if you contact us or when we contact you. Learning Insights Ltd uses the information we collect in accordance with all laws concerning the protection of personal data, including the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR 2016. As per these laws, Dr. Sharon Lloyd  is the data controller. If your questions are not fully answered by this policy, please contact Dr. Sharon Lloyd via email at learninginsights.co@gmail.com  If you are not satisfied with the answers from Dr. Sharon Lloyd, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) https://ico.org.uk.

Why do we need to collect your personal data?

We need to collect information about you so that we can:

  • Know who you are so that we can communicate with you in a personal way. The legal basis for this is a legitimate interest.
  • Deliver services to you such as an assessment and a report. The legal basis for this is the ‘contract’ (the Consent and Terms of Service Forms) with you.
  • Process your payment for the services. The legal basis for this is the contract with you.
  • Verify your identity so that we can be sure we are dealing with the right person. The legal basis for this is the legitimate interest.
  • Contact you in case there is a problem with delivery of your service. The legal basis for this is a legitimate interest.

What personal information do we collect and when do we collect it?

  • For us to provide you with services, we need to collect the following information:
  • The person’s (who is being assessed) full name and date of birth
  • The payee contact details including postal address, telephone/mobile number (s) and electronic contact such as email address.
  • Details on a family / adult or school questionnaire which may be sent to home or institution.
  • Educational details including current educational institution, Year/Grade, course of study, level of education, any areas of educational difficulty, how assessee is coping, any support being given and strategies being used.
  • We may also collect information about the assessee from third parties, such as from another educator or health professional (such as a physiotherapist), past school reports or health reports. This may be passed to us by the SENCO, health professional or by the assessee or caregiver.

How do we use the information that we collect?

  • We use the data we collect from you in the following ways:
  • To communicate with you so that we can inform you about your appointment with us. We use your name and your contact details such as your address and email.
  • To deliver the correct service to you, we use your name, your contact details and provide a detailed report about the assessee based on the findings of the evaluation and supporting documents.
  • To give talks and write up educational research where any details are anonymised
  • To pay your cheque (if this is the preferred method of payment) into the company bank account.
  • To check the company bank statement for payment by you and when.

Where do we keep the information?

  • We keep your information in the stores described below:
  • On our company computer

We use a personal computer that is mobile and often located on our business premises. The computer is password protected.  It is company policy that passwords are not shared. We ask that exchange of information is via Egress Switch which is secure and encrypted.  The location for this is in the UK and the data is end-to-end encrypted. In addition, data is backed up on a flash drive which is encrypted / kept in a safe.  For clients who do not wish to use this, we ask for all details to be mailed to use as hard copy, or names and addresses can be taken over the phone. 

Your customer record

We use Microsoft Excel which is a computer program that stores your payment information such as your client number, date of evaluation, amount paid, when paid and under what name. This is stored on the computer, which is password protected.

Your report

We create a report that contains all the key information that we gather and our findings and conclusions and this is sent to you as a paper copy.

We take hand written notes on first booking you in where you have provided us with the details such as full name, date of birth, address, key educational areas of difficulty, cost to you, who referred you, any other assessments by a psychologist prior to the assessment and date and time of the evaluation. Also a record is kept of details sent to you and when, such as the Psycho-educational Assessment sheet, Setting Up An Appointment, Family / Adult / School Questionnaires, Confirmatory Letter / Payment Details, Consent Form and Terms of Service. Furthermore, a file is kept of the writing up process, mileage and payment record. These notes are used to locate you for the evaluation and also to create the report that we provide for you.

We keep assessment notes (including the above) in our secure storage area.

How long do we keep the information?

We keep paper record forms, questionnaires and reports from other professionals and email correspondence for between 6 months to 24 months and then these details are shredded securely.

We keep the electronic report on the assessee until they are 25 years old or for 7 years if an adult (taken as 19 years or upwards). This is the case for Form 8 (if completed), the confirmation letter, consent form, terms of business form, top sheet (findings), handwriting pieces, some formal test data anonymised (the latter two for talks and research purposes anonymously) and contact information (to let you know should there be a breach).

Who do we send the information to?

We send your report to you and only you, and to anyone we are required by law to inform. To date we have never been required to pass documents for this reason.  All reports are sent as a hard copy document that you will receive through the post.

We send or hand deliver an electronic copy of the company bank statements and bank reports, with your payment details on, to our accountant who is based in the UK.

How can I see all the information you have about me?

You can make a subject access request (SAR) by contacting the Data Protection Officer  (Dr. Sharon Lloyd). We may require additional verification that you are who you say you are to process this request.  It will not be possible to view record forms from the assessment due to the closed (confidential) nature of the testing.  We may withhold such personal information to the extent permitted by law.  In practice, this means that we may not provide information if we consider that providing the information will violate your vital interests.

What if my information is incorrect or I wish to be removed from your system?

Please contact the Data Protection Officer (Dr. Sharon Lloyd). We may require additional verification that you are who you say you are to process this request.

If you wish to have your factual information corrected, you must provide us with the correct factual data and after we have corrected the factual data in our systems we will send you a copy of the updated factual information in the same format as the subject access request in section 7.

How can I have my information removed?

If you want to have your data removed, we have to determine if we need to keep the data, for example in case HMRC wish to inspect our records. If we decide that we should delete the data, we will do so without undue delay.

 Will we send emails and text messages to you?

We will send your report to you by post. Also, as part of this service, we need to send details of your appointment to you.   This comes as a hard copy pack.  To protect your information, we prefer to use hard copy and only as a second choice, a secure online portal which is end-to-end encrypted.  If you are not able to use such a service, this does increase the risk of someone intercepting communication. If this is the case, Learning Insights Ltd is not responsible for any data breach if the data is compromised in transit, either via this route or by mail.

Final Statement: Learning Insights Ltd reserves the right to upgrade, enhance or otherwise improve its services and data protection mechanisms and processes at any time.

Terms of Business

In relation to an assessment and subsequent report:

Name of Person Being Assessed:______________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________

Date of Birth:__________________________

Name of Parent / Guardian (where applicable): __________________________________________

In the case of a privately commissioned evaluation (even if this takes place in a school), I agree to pay Dr Sharon Lloyd (Learning Insights Ltd)  the full amount of the evaluation within three weeks of the evaluation (or in instalments if done through prior arrangement) and understand that the report will be sent to me in a timely manner (usually between 3-5 weeks) once full payment has been made.

Is this child the subject of a custody order of any kind?   (Circle)   Yes   No

If ‘yes’ please provide details____________________________________________


I will let Dr Sharon Lloyd know if there is an error in fact (for example in a background detail) in the report after it is sent out. No changes to the report will be made other than agreed upon errors in fact.

It has been made clear to me that the personal details and findings will not be shared without my permission.

Signed:                                                                                   Date:

Please print name:

Breach Procedure for Learning Insights Ltd

In the unlikely event of a breach of privacy, for example, with the data stored by Learning Insights Ltd, the following action should be taken:

  • Record the data breach, how it occurred, what happened, whose data was breached and when
  • Contact ICO
  • Inform the data subject if their contact details are still available
  • Seek to rectify any breach in a timely manner



Dr. Sharon Lloyd
Psychological Assessment will be carried out by Dr. Sharon Lloyd, a member of the Association of Educational Psychologists, and a professionally qualified, independent chartered consulting psychologist. You can download' a C.V. for Dr Lloyd in pdf format (requires Acrobat Reader) by clicking here.