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LEARNING INSIGHTS do not undertake a wide range of legal work within the fields of special education law as we are independent practitioners and not by nature adversarial. We do, nevertheless, provide reports that can be presented at Tribunals.  Our preference is always to find a way to communicate the needs of an individual in such a manner that all parties involved feel heard, understood and fairly treated. Such is the nature of courts, tribunals and appeals, that it is not always possible to reach satisfactory outcomes without the intervention of more challenging processes and procedures.

As psychologists we are bound by our own code of ethics which can be obtained from the British Psychological Society - our registering and chartering body and from the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) whom we must be registered with if providing professional psychological services. If you would like access to these you will find them and their register of expert witnesses at www.BPS.org.uk and www.HCPC.org.uk respectively. Our code of ethics requires we meet the needs of the individual client be they an adult, company, organisation or a child and their family. This is, therefore, our starting point.

In the nicest possible way, it does not really matter what claim, charge, appeal, challenge or ruling is being sought; from our perspective, we will simply deliver our best assessment of the individual and their needs, independent of any purpose to which that assessment will be used.

Having had extensive tribunal experience for children, we are aware that certain information is required. Reports need presenting in certain ways. There are practices and procedures that we must observe both in the preparation and production of the report, and in our appearance at a Tribunal.

The new EDUCATION, HEALTH and CARE PLAN: The nature of Statementing is in the process of changing.  The new procedures involve developing an Education, Health and Care Plan, thus addressing all aspects of a child's needs in one document.  This change in procedure has been mandated by the government and is being piloted in a number of local authorities.  However, because the process is not yet agreed, and is still being piloted, the result is that some local authorities are obliged to continue to produce Statements. However, because the new procedures are yet to come in, this seems to have resulted in a slowing of the process, thus delaying the needs of children being met. Do CONTACT US  if you would like to know more.


At LEARNING INSIGHTS we will work with you, to ensure we are fully briefed and that we are clear about the purpose and expected outcomes.

To re-iterate, whilst we are comfortable knowing our reports will be open to challenge, dispute and verification, we continue at all times to abide by our code of ethic. In term of assessment this is to accurately, objectively, roundly, rigorously and honestly describe the individual, their diagnosis, needs and treatment based on fair, formal, standardised assessment procedures, including data gathering from the individual, other sources and using our best skill and judgement as independent psychologists.

We will state a diagnosis clearly, we will comment on the impact of this diagnosis for the individual and the context in which they have to perform. We make recommendations for managing and treating such a diagnosis in the future, and we will comment on where practices and demands may have eased or exacerbated a diagnosed condition. This is necessary where individuals are possibly needing to re-think their career direction and would like help in this respect, and also for younger adolescents needing to think about career choices.

We are very clear that we prepare reports that address learning and educational needs and not medical and legal questions. It is for the specialist representative of the client to extract what is relevant and appropriate for their needs from the report we present.

Do CONTACT US if you would like to know more.

If you are thinking you may need to attend a tribunal in order to have your child's needs met, do CONTACT US to find out what we offer and to clarify any questions you might have.