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Social Skills - meeting, greeting and body language


In our society the growing awareness of emotional intelligence and all that it implies, along with our need to ensure people can live full and self-enhancing lives, means that social skills training comes top of the list of our needs provision.

Have an interview planned, a chance at some work or perhaps feeling like you just don't know what to say when you are in a group or meet new people? As a  teacher, you may like to put on a short workshop for your sixth form, covering some of the key skills related to meeting, greeting and talking to people.  How to stand, where to look, what to say and understanding what people are communicating in words, expressions and gestures.

Loneliness hurts. For most young people, friends are the glue to our existence and happiness. Without friends we are the poorer, though for some the skills required to make, keep and develop friendships are often poor or absent.

Friends mean fun. So too must be the process to learning the skills to cope with relationships, social rules, emotional needs, emotionality, peer dynamics including jokes, humour, even teasing and bullying.

Learning Insights has a group of professionals offering training and skills for a broad range of individual needs. Either youngsters in groups, or one to one, or adults in groups or one to one.

You can have fun learning the success of social competence and social confidence.  CONTACT US and ask for more information.

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Social skills training, certainly for the adolsecent can be important today, as the expectations about behaviours and conduct have become clouded by many changes in our society.  We have a fun, practical and truely hands-on work shop, that can run for 1 hour or as long as half a day.  If you want to prepare your students really well for the next step in their journey, call us to find out more.