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Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is an invaluable skill resource for any school. Our six week training programme not only introduces sixth formers to the skills of counseling, peer mentoring and forming partnerships, it is full of information - both practical and psychological - about how your sixth formers might fulfill their roles as a peer mentor in a way that is both rewarding and helpful to both mentee and mentor.

Pupils learn the important principles of confidentiality, responsibility and accountability. They learn the skills of listening, helping to unravel problems, finding better ways of understanding needs and guiding other pupils towards finding their own new insights and solutions.

Our Peer Mentoring model is particularly powerful as it is derived from a unique combination of some core counselling skills as well as mentoring skills.  For this reason, it is a set of life-long skills, as it is the basis for skills in conducting performance review, peer review, feedback, colleague support, problems-solving and other work-related interpersonal skills for virtually any work setting.  Hence, pupils are significantly more skilled for the work-place than many of their counterparts.

Peer mentoring is a skill for life and a unique value-added to any school pastoral system.

If you would like to discuss how Learning Insights can introduce this more advanced form of peer mentoring to your school CONTACT US and ask for more information. 


Peer mentoring is an invaluable addition to a school or college's pastoral system. Skilled training input not only gives mentors a head start once in the work place, it also creates a proactive setting for reducing the stress younger members of the school can experience and can provide support, guidance and encouragement for any pupil struggling with issues they find hard to share with others.

If you would like to consider adding this value-added 6 week training programme to your sixth form offerings, do give us a call on 0117 9682870