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Courses and Training

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” 
Socrates (470BC -399BC)

LEARNING INSIGHTS see training and the way we conduct courses as creating positive, directed change. Our agenda is simply about helping people to develop their own potential and make sense for themselves.

In one major sense training is a state of mind, an attitude and a shift in perspective. It is also a repertoire of skills, techniques and models that can be used in creative and practical ways. In working with individuals and groups we have learned you cannot be sure what will make the greatest impact on an individual, let alone a team, a department or an organisation, so we have to be flexible, sensitive and ready for change.

LEARNING INSIGHTS training and courses are all bespoke – tailored directly to your needs and are simply conducted using our best insights and knowledge from psychology. We work on the principle that your experience will be:

  • Informative
  • Enlightening
  • Challenging
  • Inspiring
  • Enjoyable
  • Supportive

We start out by identifying where the individual or the group is, what the goals are, how long people have to reach their goals, and how they will know they have reached them. In other words whatever training or coaching we offer, it is based upon a thorough understanding of your needs, expectations and resources (in some instances we carry out rigorous research projects before designing training).

Our techniques are highly interactive and participative and are a way of reconciling two things. Allowing people the freedom to use their own experiences, talent, skills and resources, at the same time setting clear goals, expectations and objectives and delivering what is needed to ensure the job gets done. We do ask that you let us measure the effectiveness of our input.

“Organisations only learn through individuals who learn.”  
Peter Senge MIT

Because we bespoke courses, we potentially cover a lot of ground. Cast your eye down the side bar to see a list of topics. This will give you an idea of the some of training and courses we offer. If you can’t see what you are looking for, feel free to ask – go to CONTACT US.

Skills training is conducted in groups of no more than six, and for some skills training we work in even smaller groups or even one-to-one using video feedback. Executive coaching, mentoring and counselling, appraisal and assessment as skills are taught in varying group sizes, though as development tools they are delivered one-on-one.

Courses, depending on the topic can take the form of large plenary groups, breaking into smaller workshops or skills-training groups. We run one day to five day courses, and we also run courses that have period of formal input, followed by periods of practice, followed by periods of more formal input.

At LEARNING INSIGHTS we do not claim to be specialists in all fields, so we have an extensive network of individuals who are specialists, and we call upon them to provide their knowledge and skills when required. When working with organisations we also like to use your in-house knowledge, skills and resources where appropriate.

Learning is about change, and we can’t change people. We can however give them the knowledge, insight, experience and resources to allow them to change themselves. We believe however that change is often by nature, an uncomfortable process, at times threatening and sometimes overwhelming. Our job is to help individuals reduce this stress and anxiety, to feel exhilarated, positively challenged, respected and appreciated. Our approach therefore is to ensure our training and coaching is delivered to very high standards of professionalism, care and quality, and that it is enlightening, self-enhancing and above all else enjoyable - what’s the one thing you learned after being scared witless? – to avoid the thing that scared you!

If any of these descriptions touch on any of your needs or interests…then CONTACT US.