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“No-one keeps their enthusiasm automatically. Enthusiasm must be nourished with new actions, new aspirations, new efforts and new vision.”

At LEARNING INSIGHTS organisational psychology is a dialogue between consultant and client who work together to define the issues and jointly construct a solution. By shifting from a perspective of what caused the need or problem to what the solution might look like, solution-focused occupational psychology does not ignore problems – it reframes them. We do it all the time anyway, but our approach sets out to make this explicit and deliberate.

Developmental, solution-focused consulting takes a broad, strategic approach to making sense for you, rather than specific and detailed information as in skills-based consulting. This kind of consulting is often about who you are as a business, as a team, even as an individual. It asks questions such as: How do we work more effectively as a business, or in our teams as individuals? How do we overcome characteristic shortcomings of our type of business, or ourselves as a team? How do we increase profitability and retention of satisfied clients?

For individuals it encourages such questions: How do I work more effectively myself and with others? How do I overcome my characteristic short comings? How do I work effectively with people I find it hard to like or respect?

We deal with highly specific questions about the business, the way it works, it’s strengths and where vulnerabilities are perceived to lie. For individuals it asks highly personal questions about business, professional, career or life issues. This kind of analysis often leads to change and leadership development programmes. Driving a business through such change and learning often becomes a highly personal venture. It can be more effective therefore when supported by an outside consultant.

At LEARNING INSIGHTS our approach to organisational consulting and coaching, at the level of executive directors, senior management and specialist managerial skills,  is to provide a climate and a set of conditions that make for the opportunity to clarify the existing goals, see new and creative alternatives or identify solutions, explore their implications, help set an action plan, deliver on some of the skills to begin the implementation of the action and provide opportunity for review and evaluation.

We have a broad range of tools for coaching within large and small organisations, for individuals from various countries and at the most senior levels with organisations. If you have coaching needs and you would like to talk about our services in this respect, please look at our Coaching section or CONTACT US directly.

 If you are interested in knowing more about how to develop your skills, aptitutes and talents and you think some aspect of developmntal coaching may be of value, feel free to call and have a conversation with us.